Williams “is Giovanni incarnate”

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Williams “is Giovanni incarnate”

“Cast in Don Giovanni’s title role, bass-baritone Douglas Williams delights. Outrageously handsome, the dashing young American lead essentially devours the stage in a strikingly charismatic performance, his… high note-friendly instrument rippling with honeyed charm. Soloing on mandolin, albeit for only a few bars, Williams utterly captivates with a gently playful rendition of Mozart’s irresistible serenade, Deh, vieni alla finestra, o mio tesoro (“Oh, come to your window, my lovely”).” —OPERA GOING TORONTO

“Douglas Williams seems as if he is Giovanni incarnate, dashing and fun-loving and young enough to fear nothing.” —GLOBE AND MAIL

“Williams was a star in the title role, wholly believable as Elvira’s pathological seducer, singing with enviable harmonic capability.” —OPERA CANADA

“American bass-baritone Douglas Williams returned [to Opera Atelier] to take on… Don Giovanni, singing with pleasing sound and acting with masculine swagger, exuding sex appeal and embodying the archetypal rogue.” —LUDWIG VAN TORONTO

“The lead role is being sung by American bass-baritone Douglas Williams, who looked and sounded the part of a morals-flaunting seducer.” —TORONTO STAR

“Given the anti-hero nature of Don Giovanni (Douglas Williams), the titular character requires a specific kind of execution to make him likeable enough to enjoy watching and unlikeable enough to deserve his fate. Williams is on point throughout, playing the Don as both oblivious to his own shortcomings and confident enough to make the audience forget them too.” —BROADWAY WORLD

“Of the men, the best performance was by Douglas Williams (Don Giovanni). He excelled in Mozart’s chameleon-like role, sometimes matching Donna Elvira’s virtuosity… and at other times singing simply”—TORONTO CONCERT REVIEWS

“As Giovanni, Douglas Williams finds this balance between the perfidious rascal and the outlandish romantic. Constantly grinning with ever watchful eyes darting, Giovanni’s antics are sometimes applauded, but mostly scorned. His beautiful baritone helps to anchor the company.” -ONSTAGE BLOG