Facing the music: Laurence Cummings (The Guardian)

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Facing the music: Laurence Cummings (The Guardian)

“Is applauding between movements acceptable?

Absolutely! An audience should feel free to respond to the atmosphere in the room and what they feel in their hearts. If they are exhilarated they must be free to show it. I suppose that might mean that we could get to the end of a piece and not receive applause (which has happened to me!). This is also fine. There are many ways to appreciate music. Personally I always welcome applause after the first movement of JS Bach’s Brandenburg 5th Concerto. After that huge virtuosic cadenza it feels flat if there is nothing. You can often sense the awkward silence when we carry on without applause – the audience needs to breathe too. It’s also nice for the soloist’s heart beat to calm down before playing that fragile chord that starts the second movement.”

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